Health Benefits

Petal Tea has all the health benefit of your green or white teas with the added bonus of flowers that have been use for medicinal purposes in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

Green and White Tea are full antioxidants and have long been regarded as beneficial to ones health.

Antioxidants - epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) are known to help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke according to numerous studies.

Green and White Teas have also been reported to:

  • increase your metabolism and energy levels
  • boosts immune system and mental alertness
  • lower stress and nervousness
  • eliminate bad breath
  • contain natural fluoride for healthier teeth
  • proven anti-inflammatory
  • lowers bad cholesterol
  • remedy for acne

Drinking green tea will help cleanse your body from the inside out!


What are the health benefits of flowers?

Globe Amaranth (Qian Ri Hong) is also known as the Thousand Day Red flower, has many known qualities in Chinese Medicines. In addition to being full of vitamins and minerals, it is also know for helping to relieve cough, shortness of breath, and enhancing vision.

Marigold (Calendula Officinalis) is a native to the eastern Mediterranean and was used by ancient Egyptians for its rejuvenation properties. Marigold also helps stimulate the liver and has anti-inflammatory properties

Chrysanthemum has many reported qualities. It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicines for centuries to relieve head congestion, aiding in strengthening the lungs, and helping digestion

Jasmine has been used in Chinese Medicine since 300A.D. and has many reported qualities. Jasmine has been known lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, and strengthen the immune system.

Lavender has been known for centuries for its effect in promoting sleep and calming nerves. It can aid in the relief of headaches and tension.


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